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The new device, Vitek 2 Compact automated microbiology

VITEK 2 Compact automatic machine microbiology

Automatic system for bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing of bacteria, fungi isolated from clinical samples, environmental industry and offers:

  • Speed:
    For 95% of common bacteria, identification is done in 6 hours
    DST for 80% of common bacteria is carried in 7h.
    The results obtained with the automatic method for the identification and antibiotic are obtained in 31h, while the same results are obtained by the classical method in 48 hours
  • Safety:
    The data is automatically transmitted to the computer system, thus eliminating the possibility of occurrence of errors due to manual system outcomes.
    Full automation of the process provides added security by eliminating all repetitive maneuvers.
    Fairness identification is above 96% for all types of bacteria.
  • Accuracy:
    The accuracy of the results obtained using this method gives effectiveness by identifying enzyme inhibitors treatment of antibiotics and the large number of antibiotics tested simultaneously.