Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine, "Queen of medical specialties" deals with diseases of internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, spleen, blood, kidneys, metabolism, joints, skeleton bone). Physician is one who when he finds a special affect, refer the patient to another specialist investigations dealing with a smaller part of medical pathology, respectively cardiologist, pulmonologist, nephrologist.

After the family doctor, Physician should be the next doctor examining the patients as they possible suffer from many diseases. Thephysician examine the patient and decide the next step to pursuit. This way unnecessary medical checkups will be avoided.

Modern internal medicine requires the use of ultrasonography for a complete clinical examination as there are conditions detectable only by echography.

In our clinic there is the concept of clinical-echography examination. Why choose such an examination?
Because it saves time and money, and the diagnosis will be more accurate, more complete and faster.
The body is a unit, and a suffering organ may have different clinical response; the disease in not always found examining just a body part. In addition, a patient often has several diseases, some without noisy events but often detectable using ultrasonography. It is of great help for clinicians to obtain as much information through clinical-echography examination for diagnosis and therefore the appropriate treatment.