Urology, also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on the surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs.

Urology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with urinary disorders, including:

  • Renal lithiasis (renal stones)-diagnosis, etiology, treatment and prevention
  • Benign or malignant prostate pathology, diagnosis, treatment-mini invasive surgery endoscopic Transurethral removal
  • Diagnosis and differentiated treatment of urethral strictures in this study
  • Urine incontinence of women
  • Inflammation and nonspecific infections of the kidneys, bladder and male genitalia
  • Andrologia and sexual pathology
  • Renal tumors, bladder and ureterale. Endourologic treatment
  • Acute renal failure (diagnosis, pathogenesis, differentiated treatment). Extracorporeal treatment of acute renal isuficienţei (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis)
  • Chronic renal insufficiency. Contemporary treatment of terminal chronic kidney failure (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltrarea, etc.)
  • The dialysis patient's pathology
  • Renal transplantation. Diagnosis and treatment of complications of kidney transplantation.