Laboratory for Medical Analyses

If you have chosen our laboratory for medical analyses, your data is stored in an extensive computerized database.

Our database currently has over 17 years of age; We can always analyze the changes compared with the other hystorical tests

Laboratory Equipments:

  • Automated Hematology Analyzer SYSMEX XS 1000i
  • Automated coagulation analyser Sysmex CA-1500
  • Automatic coagulation Analyzer COATRON M2
  • Automated biochemistry Analyzer COBAS INTEGRA 400 PLUS
  • Automated biochemistry analyser SPOTCHEM EZ
  • Automated biochemistry analyser HUMASTAR 80
  • Automated Analyzer urini AUTION ELEVEN AE-4020
  • Automated Analyzer urini URISYS 1100
  • Automated Analyzer ELECSYS 2010 Immunology
  • Automated Analyzer ELISYS Immunology 2
  • Automatic analyser for Immunology Minividas type
  • Complete system for electrophoresis CORMAYA
  • Automated microbiology system (identification and antibiograma) VITEK 2 Compact
  • HUMASCOPE Microscope

We collaborate with other labs in the country to perform tests.

To take advantage of the health insurance, the patient must present the ticket referral from his family doctor with the stamp, and the number of the insurance contract.