Oral and maxillo-facial surgery

The sanity of the surgery-maxillo-facial surgery is the branch that deals with the treatment of diseases ranging from dental problems up to reconstruction and surgery treatment of oral cancer

Oral and maxillo-facial treatments

Treatments performed by a surgeon are various beating the competence of the dentist, fitting in medical surgery.

You can treat the oral cavity cancers through excision of tumors of the oral cavity. Surgeons dealing and treating infections of the teeth, gums, and any other condition of the oral cavity, including the third molar creating local complications. Dental surgery includes procedures for correcting the jaw joints, which sometimes causes pain or noise, especially in the process of mastication.

Teeth reconstruction

Oro-Maxillofacial surgeons deals with teeth reconstruction operations. One of these is dental implant procedures, implants is superior to traditional prostheses and accepted by patients who have lost one or more teeth.

Medical services

  • Apical resection of monoradicular and pluriradicular teeth
  • Partial/total Odontectomy
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Alveolotomy
  • Periodontal curettage
  • Alveolar crest settlement
  • Excition of soft parts tumor
  • Frenoplasty, plasty bride
  • Maxillary cysts
  • Mucocel
  • Incisions/excisions of sebaceous cyst
  • Endoral abscess incision